Getting a French Bulldog Pet

Buying a French Bulldog  or frenchie puppies for sale as a pet and companion is a lot easier than choosing one for shows. There are no coat or eye color restrictions to think of, meaning you can choose pretty much any pup you want.

If you're serious about buying a French Bulldog, you must never feel like you're getting an animal of low quality. Of course, that means you have to look for responsible breeder. In every set of pups, whatever the parental heritage, some will always come with flaws that would have disqualified them if they were to be screened as show dogs. These Frenchies are the ones that usually end up being sold as pet quality or companion dogs, which is what they are really for. With companion animals being prevented from reproducing, usually through spaying or neutering, puppies of good breeders have, in fact, proven ancestry that equals that of show dogs.

A companion animal may also be classified as such for the be simple reason that a parent has not reached Championship status yet.

Here are other factors that make a Frenchie unfit as a show dog:

> some color combinations like tan and black, white and black, etc. These can otherwise be prime dogs, and make good companion animals.

> any form of alteration, with the exception of dewclaw removal.

> any nose color which is not black

> any ear shape which is not bat

> imperfect alignment of teeth

> a size bigger or smaller than required for a specific show

Finding a reputable breeder is the key to finding a happy and healthy Frenchie. Talk to lots of Frenchie breeders or clubs and ask for referrals. Also ensure you ask for references of other breeders and clubs instead of just people who once purchased puppies from them. If it seems like they couldn't give any, maybe they haven't built an impressive reputation around the Frenchie community. As health concerns tend to be great with the breed, make it a point to ask the breeder regarding the health of the pup's parents. While this isn't a sure indication of what the pup's own health condition will be, it keeps you aware of the possibilities in the future. Nevertheless, a healthy breeding stock will yield a healthier dog. Good breeders choose the best health, characteristics and temperament when they breed, and will stay away from dogs which can negatively affect the health of the breed, even if they only raise companion animals.

Once you've gotten these out of the way, you can look for a Frenchie with good demeanor. While Frenchies are generally not hot-tempered, you shouldn't look for one that is too gregarious either. You want a dog that is healthy in both mind and body, which you could always find from trusted professionals like

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